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TTB 6652 T

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Masini spalat aspirat pardoseli Numatic

Masina spalat pardoseli Numatic TTB 6652 T

CleanKasa va ofera cel mai bun pret pentru masina spalat pardoseli Numatic TTB 4552 T, cu tractiune si alimentata cu acumulatori.

Numatic's new TTB 6652 T traction machine is truly a careful balance of existing design criteria and a wealth of new and improved technology, all designed to produce handling and operational standards second to none. The low level, stainless steel chassis provides a sound foundation for a choice of 100Ahr or 200Ahr 24V power supply with their own fully integrated charging system. This is complimented throughout by a powerful series of drive and suction motors providing up to 3.5 hrs of robust operation from a single 8 hour charge. With the user in full control of the operating speeds in both forward and reverse directions, the machine can be individually programmed to suit a whole range of environments to ensure optimum results.
Big 60-litre capacity, big 65cm twin brush system, generous floating polyurethane floor nozzle and a choice of 100A/hr or 200 A/hr battery systems to provide substantially extended running times if required. Here you have a machine that will do serious work, cover big areas for long hours but, having said that, it really is just as easy to use as the smaller machines incorporating all of the practical user based technology that will be found throughout the Twintec range. The selection of machine size will be based not only on the area to be cleaned but also on the accessibility of that area in terms of obstructions, congestion, awkwardness of access and the time available. Once again using a motor car analogy, small roads don't like big vehicles, but find yourself with a major highway to be cleaned and the TTB6652S will show you what cleaning is all about

Caracteristici masina spalat pardoseli Numatic TTB 6652 T Twintec:

- Traction drive
- Full stainless steel chassis
- Oil filled, low load, planetary gearbox gives maximum power transmission direct to the floor
- Fully adjustable operator handle
Pe langa varietatea mare de masini de spalat pardoseli oferite va punem la dispozitie, accesorii si piese de schimb pentru toate modelele de masinile profesionale de spalat pardoseli Numatic.

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Alimentareacumulatori gel - 24V
Tip acumulatori4 x 12V - 200Ah
Autonomie lucru (ore)4 - 5
Productivitate medie (m²/h)2500
Putere motor tractiune (W)250
Putere motor perie (W)2 x 400
Dimensiune perie (mm)2 x 330
Viteza perie (rpm)200
Putere motor aspirare (W)400
Lamela aspirare (mm)970
Rezervor soluţie/colectare (l)60 / 60
Lungime x lăţime x înălţime (mm)1430 x 970 x 1200
Greutate (kg)240


  • - furtun de aspirare
  • - 2 perii de curatat
  • - 4 acumulatori gel 12 V/50 Ah
  • - incarcator incorporat
  • Brosura masina spalat pardoseala Numatic TTB 6652 T Twintec - Descarca
  • Instructiuni utilizare Numatic TTB 6652 T Twintec - Descarca

CleanKasa va ofera masini spalat pardoseli Numatic profesionale si industriale la cele mai mici preturi.

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